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PES2011's New Controls Unearthed


A good few months back I did an editorial post on the main page regards the use of L2 as a Manual Modifier Control input for passing. The original post can be found here.

Well, the good news compliments of a photo taken by our man PenPas during the Konami press tour is that this feature appears to present in PES2011!

Click here to check it out the original pic. Stacks more Images from the tour by PenPas can be found here also.

Look closely at the second box in the second row of the controls laminate and you can see that manual passing will be executed by the player pressing L2 and X or triangle for grounded manual passes, and L2 and circle for lofted manual passes. PES is getting an on-the-fly manual passing option folks and if implemented well(which will be key) it could change how we play PES forever. It all goes back to this players wish for the game to have one control scheme to fit all while still offering some flexibility.

Another interesting thing I noticed in this picture was the description of how the player can laterally dribble whilst always facing goal by holding R2 while moving the stick/pad. This again is something new to PES and if the execution in it’s integration into the control set-up as well as how it is represented visually is perfected, it again points to another dramatic gameplay change.

At the top of the laminate we can also see what looks a description of how the games feints work. L2 seeming to be required to be pressed while moving the right stick. Also notice that there are three pre-sets available for selection as well.

The effectiveness of these new controls will be touched on in the very near future you feel but this simple picture itself tells it’s own story of how PES is changing.

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