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PES2012 : E3 Press Impressions **UPDATED**


Now E3 is wrapping up for another year and with PES2012 seeming to have went down rather well indeed at this years event, WENB bring you a one-stop-shop for the various playtest Impressions that have surfaced over the last few days.

Let us start off with Official Playstation Magazine’s Ben Wilson and his take:

”Elsewhere, PES 2012 was Borderline astounding for me – not in terms of overall quality, but in the sense that last year’s game was so far behind FIFA 11 in terms of on-field gameplay, and that most definitely isn’t the case any more. This is a much slicker, more immediate experience, which harks back to the halcyon days of PES’s last PS2 years: zipping balls around in tight spaces, admiring the almost human AI of players off the ball (diagonal runs across and around defenders, something FIFA still hasn’t quite nailed, are a particular joy), and introducing an intriguing set piece concept where you can control a specific player on a corner, free kick or throw in, rather than the actual kicker himself. It doesn’t play perfectly – keepers still need a bit of work (and we’ve been saying that about PES for many years) – but no game at the show surprised me more in terms of how far it has turned around since a previous iteration.”

Elsewhere, we have IGN who seem very impressed, particularly with the games AI as can be found in just reading their header and sub-header.

Italian gaming site Multiplayer.it also appear positive, though their describing the game as ‘arcade’ will always rankle this particular player. French site journaldugamer.com are keen to point out the progress made while German gaming gameswelt.de site look to be going a little further with their praise…at least that is how the translation would read.

Gamerevolution offered a little nugget of info in the form of the game apparently being 70% complete at this stage which – if true – is rather noteworthy considering we are in June. One playtest that claimed to have spotted a nice graphical detail in kits getting dirty was that of Brazilian site colunistas.ig.com.br though this really requires a second opinion for confirmation. Positive write up again though. One detail that was beyond any doubt as to it’s validity was VGZ who rather cleverly grabbed a couple of ‘gigantaur’ snaps of the controller layout laminates for us fans to examine.

**UPDATE** – More press impressions from European sites playfrance.com, tweakers.net, gamer.nl and to round-up some very positive impressions from gamespot.com.

Finally, it would be just plain wrong of us not to send you in the direction of Kitana Media’s very own Asim Tanvir and his glowing initial impressions from the show floor that can be found HERE.

Done with all that reading? Why not listen to the dynamic duo of WENB discuss all things PES2012 (with a little nod to the competitor thrown in) in our latest podcast.

Overall, it would be fair to say that it has been a positive week for Konami and PES2012 with the following weeks and months leading to release sure to get very interesting. As always, WENB will be there for every kick.

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