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PES2012 : Embargo Passes **SPOILERS**


Embargo for review code impressions of PES2012 has passed and with it a huge amount of content has surfaced.


We at WENB feel that some of this content may contain some pretty hefty spoilers and as a result are keen to highlight this before posting the following links. WENB will be offering up review code content and impressions – quite possibly in the form of a spoiler filled podcast – next week. Of course, this is not to say that others shouldn’t be unleashing such content to fans who we are sure will welcome it, but the decision has been made to hold off on offering up our own content as we do feel a lot can be given away that might remove a sense of discovery and surprise when you all get your hands on the game for yourselves.

But we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t link and let the fans make their own minds up, so here goes. You have have been warned !

First of all, PESblog.be have released three videos that walkthrough Football Life and can be found HERE.

PESFan have a Q & A launched as well as offering up an in depth preview and post detailing some game modes.

As always, the lads at Prorevo have their finger on the pulse and have posted video content also showing Football Life and Challenge Traing in action.

Much more to come one would imagine and we will continue to link the content as it becomes available. Just be mindful of what can be given away 😉


Pesblog.be have updated their video content with a look at community mode and have a sneak peak at some of the online functions as well. Probably less spoiler free is the two gameplay videos.

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