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PES2012 EU Reviews Are In!


Review embargo for mainland Europe has dropped and the scores are coming in thick and fast. Pretty damn good scores at that!

To get the ball rolling we have Eurogamer.de awarding the game a very strong 9/10, with ign.de, Gamestar , Gameswelt and Gamepro also scoring the game in the ”nines”. Gamereactor also went with a thoroughly convincing 9/10 as well

Videgameszone.de went with a might fine 88%, while Gamezone went with a solid 8.5.

A couple of Dutch site scores have surfaced as well, with inthegame awarding the game another 9/10 and psonly awarding a 8/10.

These are but a taster of the reviews that will become available from now on in. Expect reviews from the Americas to probably follow with UK sites/publications scores emerging after that. Of course, WENB will have it’s own review for your consideration in due course.

A strong showing going by the bulk of the early scores. It is only natural that there will be some variance as more scores emerge and it will all come down to how you find the game to be for yourself at the end of the day. Still, these scores are welcome and certainly seem to suggest the game is winning over some critics.

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