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PES2012 : Platinum/Classics Editions Announced


New editions on the way.

Konami have today revealed details of the Platinum and Classics edition of PES2012, with a March 29th release date pencilled in for mainland Europe. No official UK date as yet but 30th March seems possible. All previous DLC and updates will be included in the re-released versions. Full press release tranlated from German below.

Konami PES 2012 published on 29 March for a range of formats at a reduced price. The title was originally published in September 2011 and was hailed for its realism, and the many improvements.

PES 2012 will appear at a reduced price for PlayStation ® 3 in the Platinum range, and for Xbox 360 ® and PC-DVD on the Classics label. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions cost about € 29.95, the PC-DVD version about € 14.95.

With PES 2012 Konami follows the target, the speed, the subtleties and dynamics of contemporary football map. Players will experience the highest level of playability, challenge and realism combined with intensive monitoring of events on the pitch. The AI ??in the game has been improved in all directions – a central aspect in all respects, the teamwork concept that allows fans to play great football, as we know him from the stadium and on television.

The new Active AI in PES causes in 2012, that players behave with and without the ball as well as in reality: they make intelligent runs, search for specific open spaces or put on too quickly, diagonal sprints, with which they attract enemy attackers out of the danger zone . Even duels and the associated physical confrontations have been improved: The players literally go the whole hog to an opponent from the ball abzudrängen. The new Off The Ball Control enable the user during a standard situation make any player at any time and switch easily between different kickers back and forth to these more varied. In defense of the right analog stick is used to select a field player. For kicks, corners, free kicks and interjections, the user quickly select the right one for you now from players – which in turn enables strategically clever runs and creates additional space attack.

Also, graphics and lighting effects have been revised and improved, this is a better referee AI, and a variety of other new elements. The new football life mode follow the user different football careers, whether as player, team manager or club owner. The Football Life mode includes the popular Master League and Become a Legend mode, both of which have been revised and the new club boss mode in which players lead a club in financial terms. The enormously popular training challenges are back with this: This practice, the players about their abilities in terms of standard situations and familiarize yourself with the new team mate control system. And the first available myPES option allows fans to connect with other PES players via Facebook to create your own leagues and statistics for friends and family.

The re-release of PES 2012 is coming at a time where the current football season approaches its climax. With PES 2012 to play the exclusive user-final matches of the UEFA Champions League ™ after. At the same time, thanks to the recently released DLC pack, the squads of all teams in accordance with the Winter transfers up to date

“The Return of PES 2012 this new price offers football fans the opportunity to be a very successful landing point,” said Martin Schneider, General Manager for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH “PES 2012 is a unique, realistic simulation with a high degree of control modes and that feeling that makes even the real football. We look forward to many new fans who now make familiar with the feel of this title undefeated. ”

PES 2012 will appear on PlayStation ® 3, Xbox 360 and PC-DVD or via Platinum Classics Range on 29 March. More I nformation under www.konami-pes2012.com .
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Thanks to prorevo and Only Pro Evolutions for the heads up.

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