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PES2012 : Team Packs Are Go!


Team pack 1: Missing Premiership teams, Full Portuguese League and top 9 Bundesliga teams

WENB is proud to present a first batch of PES2012 Team Packs for BLES 01406. These first packs are the work of WENB’s own JackWho and we have also got some Team Packs assembled from the fantastic European Club Soccer File from Goalgerd which was released last night and is already one very complete file. Many thanks to Goalgerd for allowing us to share some of his work in this fashion. His full Option File can be found HERE.

To download Goalgerd’s Liga Zon Sagres Pack (Portuguese League) that contains fully updated players and kits for all thirteen unlicensed clubs click HERE,

Clicking HERE will link you up with nine Bundesliga teams featuring…

Werder Bremen

All nine of these clubs are fully updated with players and kits too! The remaining teams will be added soon.

To download the missing Premiership teams, provided by JackWho, click here.

The teams missing from the base were:

Queens Park Rangers
Stoke City
West Brom
Wigan Athletic
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Installation is pretty straightforward and use of the export/import feature puts paid to the days of having to copy 500+ files at a time over to your PS3’s. Please not that you can only copy over 20 files at a time to the PS3 before you have to load up the game and import.

After Importing you can delete the exported files from your PS3 and then proceed to copy over another 20 files and repeat the process.

Installation Guide

1) Make sure you have downloaded the WENB Base OF (here)

2) Download the file onto your PC. You should end up with a .rar file. (You need a program called winrar to extract it)

3) Right click the file and extract to desktop. You should have a folder called PS3.

4) Put that folder onto a USB stick, and then insert the USB stick into your PS3.

5) In the XMB (main screen when you start your PS3), go to the Game icon, and scroll to a folder called “Saved Data Utility (PS3)”.

6) Enter the folder. You should see an icon in the folder which says “USB Device (Storage Media)”. Select it.

7) All the files from the folder should appear. On each file press triangle, then select copy. Do this for every file.

8) Once done, start the game

9) Go to edit mode, and select the feature ‘Import’. Choose the file you need, and import it over the team within the game.

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