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PES2013 : Debut Trailer Showtime Announced


Brunch with PES.

The Pro Evolution Soccer Facebook Page have announced the air-time for the debut trailer for PES2013 which will be shown on the Official Site.

April 24th 12:00 CEST, which is 11:00am for those of us in the UK.

On the games Facebook Page, Konami have also set up an Event on the social network site which can be joined.

WENB would also like to ask that should you link the trailer, that you link the official source version, be that from the Official Site, Facebook Page, or the officialpes Youtube Channel. This will help the publisher and developer collect data regards the scope of PES community at large. So, if you are going to link the trailer on any community sites, discussion forums or any social media nodes, please look to use the original Konami source material.

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