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PES2013 : Existence Confirmed?


PES2013 existing isn’t news at all but…

Some decent sleuthing done by forum regular daimpa of PESFan.it has seen him unearth a 3rd party video production company stating that they are contributing to PES2013 in some fashion. The name of the company in question is famefabrik and one of their tweets (in German) from @famefabrik goes as follows :

Unser Madrid Footage ist in Japan angekommen. Puuuh. #Pes2013 #Konami #Tokio #CR7

translated it reads :

”Our Madrid footage has arrived in Japan. Puuuh”(?) and attached was the image that is used in our headline.

When @PESFan.it asked them regards their input to PES they replied that they ”produced the PES 2012 3d Clip with Messi and Torres for the Nintendo 3ds. And we produce other videojobs for Konami and PES.” A look at their website seems to confirm that they do indeed have PES related work for Konami on their CV.

So what does this all mean?

Not a great deal in all honesty but maybe the ”Madrid footage” of which they speak will feature in a trailer or other promotional material; maybe even the game itself in some form or other. At a push it suggests that the pre-release for PES2013 is getting ever closer to kick-off.

Hey, it’s been a slow week.

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