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PES2013 : First Screens


Does Ronaldo render you speechless?

In addition to the press release officially announcing PES2013, Konami have also released the first 10 screens featuring the games cover star Cristiano Ronaldo. Full resolution versions of each screen can be found in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Now, the layout of these screens should make it clear that these are rendered compositions and not lifted directly from gameplay but note how some shots are of the same movement/action, only taken from a different view. Could this mean that while the screens themselves are not lifted directly from gameplay, then the renders have been lifted directly from a development test-bed? One thing is for sure, these screens do capture some of the cover stars real life characteristics and movement. Friends of WENB, PES Kings performed a little photoshop trickery with the screen used in our header and came up with this…

The player model seems more in proportion and overall more accurate than that found in last years game. Time will tell how well these assets will transfer over into the final game but as standalone screens, they ain’t half bad. It is an absolute certainty that over the coming months more screenshots will be released that will be lifted directly from the game, so these serve as a nice wee taster in the meantime.

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