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PES2019 at E3


Well, here we are again. Another E3 and the event in Los Angeles, California the one chosen by Konami for a full reveal Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

WENB will be doing its utmost to cover developments, though times have changed in how people get their news with speed of delivery across a number of social channels being near instant. Moving forward then, the focus may well be more of the editorial nature that reflects upon the news and assets put up for our consideration.

Konami have three streams planned:

Tuesday 12th June 20:00 GMT
Wednesday 13th June 20:00 GMT
Thursday 14th June 19:00 GMT

Of course, a trailer will be shown which promises gameplay captured footage. Time will tell if this proves to consist entirely of game engine replay cuts or if indeed we will get a glimpse of action from gameplay camera views too. At the time of writing, it has not been disclosed if gameplay will be shown like it was at last years event, where hours upon hours of direct feed footage was made available. The important thing is we will be finally getting to see the game in motion along with more details regards this year’s release.

More from WENB to follow.