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PESFan Get The Ball Rolling


This week is going to be huge. We’ve already warned you, so you should all be ready!

Tomorrow, at 8am (UK time), make sure you pop over to PESFan for first impressions on new PES 2011 code! They’ll also be posting up new content too! We’ll have the same content, but theres no doubt the official PES site will be the place to be tomorrow.

We’ll also be getting updated impressions from other well known sites throughout the day, which we’ll be sure to let you know about as soon as it happens.

With this going on, you might be thinking where our impressions are. Don’t worry we’re not too far behind, with our stuff coming a day after. It’s not called WENB Wednesdays for nothing 😉

Sit tight guys, it’s going to be a big one!

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