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Frontier are back with their second entry in the “Planet” series – Planet Zoo. Planet Zoo is to Zoo Tycoon as Planet Coaster was to Rollercoaster Tycoon, a reimagining of a cult classic that makes use of today’s technologies.

Planet Zoo builds upon the great groundwork that Planet Coaster laid before it all wrapped in a zoological voile. Keeping its signature stylised aesthetic, Planet Coaster looks absolutely stunning and particularly shines when it comes to the animal models. The lighting in the trailer is perfection too!

When it comes to these types of games, the fun is in the building but management is still part and parcel for Planet Zoo. In fact, you can get your geek on with the myriad of data metrics and overlays to better utilise the space in your Zoo. Its complexity is in your hands!

But if you’re like me it’s all about the building and Planet Coaster’s rich palette of tools is here for the using. The impressive “piece-by-piece” building system allows you to literally create anything and whatever you do make can be shared with the community. Hooking into Steam Workshop allows you to share your creations or download others if building stuff isn’t quite your bag. Terrain manipulation is also making a return allowing you to craft mountains and dig out lakes. You truly can make your perfect zoo.

If you’re still unsure about whether to pick it up, check out the trailer below. And once you’ve watched it you’ll want to head over to Steam and grab a copy.

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