Platformines Out Now For Steam


Namco Bandai have today announced the launch of Platformines on the PC via Steam.

Platformines was released today worldwide (except Japan) and offers  unique style. This old-school 16-bit game will please tons of gamers. Using a unique 2D engine developed by Magiko Gaming, Platformines offers hours of fun and a shooting galore to the players wanting to help the game’s heroes to rebuild their spaceship.

There are an infinite number of randomly generated worlds to explore are available. These haphazardly created realms will be packed with deadly enemies, lethal traps and amazing items & treasures to loot. The weapons are also randomly generated. Each one have its unique stats, adventurers need to get ready to find the best one to take down those funny-looking, yet dangerous, bouncing eyes. There also plenty of customisation options available for players to edit the game at their disposal.

Mathieu Piau, EMEA Marketing Director at NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S stated:

Our first partnership with Magiko Gaming is a very exciting one! Platformines is a remarkable mix of old-school 16-bit gaming with a new engine and technical brilliance of mind!, hours of fun, shooting, looting and customization are awaiting the gamers: may the loot power be with you!

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