PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds coming to Xbox this December!



PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is officially releasing for Xbox One on December 12th as part of the Xbox Game Preview program, Xbox’s Early Access program.

During a Q&A with Eurogamer, Brendan Greene alluded that the Xbox One version will be slightly behind the PC one but it will include the much sought after vaulting mechanic. The recently revealed desert map won’t be making an appearance on the Xbox One version at launch but will come to the console when it’s ready. It also looks like the 4K Xbox One X enhancements won’t be available for launch but HDR will. Fret not, though, Xbox One X owners, as I’d bet a pretty penny that the game will still run silky smooth at standard resolution.

This is the debut of PUBG on consoles and I genuinely hope it garners the great success its received on PC. I’ve personally been waiting a long time for this game to drop on console, because I don’t have the means to play it at the moment, and whilst Fortnite was a nice distraction it’ll be great to finally play the OG Battle Royle experience.

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds will release at £26.99 on December 12th!

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