PlayMemories Studio Launches on PlayStation 3


Sony have launched a new application that lets users manage their photo and video content straight from their PlayStation 3 titled, PlayMemories Studio.

The application replaces PlayMemories and Filmy which were two separate applications which also provided the same service. Like the previous applications, this new app lets users create slideshowss, edit, filer and view their captured content by connecting supported devices to the PlayStation 3 and transferring the content to the PlayStation 3’s hard drive.

PlayMemories Studio also supports remote play with both the PS Vita and PSP so users can still use it while they are out. The application comes with a price at £11.99/ EUR 14.99. PlayStation Plus users will get it free.

Will you be using PlayMemories Studio? Let us know via the comment section below.

Source: CVG (cc: PS Blog)

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