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Some know him by his real name, Gerard Williams but most will know him as the hiphopgamer. For those of you familiar with his site, and those that have watched his weekly Sunday show you will know exactly where I am coming from when I say that the passion and love of gaming he shows is second to none. We can relate to him because he is just like you or me. Loves gaming and wants to share it with his fans and that’s something that stands out when visiting and watching his show on a weekly basis.

We recently acquired an interview with the man himself and he answered various types of questions for us which included anything from asking him about his passion for gaming, his biggest achievement for his website and also his best moment of next-gen gaming so far.

A big thank you to the Hiphopgamer for doing the interview with us. Check out his show every Sunday evening (UK time only) if you are passionate about your gaming as it’s well worth it.

The interview is posted below –

PSGB: Which next-gen title has impressed you the most so far and why?

HHG: God of War III! Why? beacuse everything you see in the game, No CG, Graphics, Smoother gameplay, Change weapons on the fly, No loading, Epic story, Boss battles, Moving titan levels, this game has it all and more and from a tech side of things, God of War III set’s the benchmark in overall presentation.

PSGB: What was your inspiration for starting

HHG: I needed to create a website so that my fans could see me not just every week on YouTube but everyday showcasing other talents and a website of my own was the best way to go.

PSGB: When did launch?

HHG: Originally the site launched around May’08 I believe but that was when I was powered by WordPress. Now im powered by Ning and my new site launched in full, January 2010 and it’s been doing well ever since.

PSGB: Since its launch, what would you say is your biggest achievement/proudest moment for you personally?

HHG: My biggest achievement in this industry I believe was when I got a chance to go to Sony Santa Monica Studio’s for the God of War III walkthrough. The whole process of a small site in comparison to the IGN’s of this world, I was able to voice my opinion, be heard and respected and have my wish granted which doesn’t happen. Sony is an incredible company and for them to bless me like that is truely amazing.

PSGB: Apart from gaming and music, what else do you do in your spare time?

HHG: I box, workout, practise Tae Kwon Doe, hang out with family and friends, have sex of course! even though i need to get married soon and i also read.

PSGB: 2010 looks like it’s going to be another fantastic year for us gamers. Which games are you looking forward to the most?

HHG: I’m looking forward to Agent, Killzone 3, Brink, INFAMOUS 2, Halo Reach, Alan Wake, and this whole 3D Push.

PSGB: Recently on one of your shows you said that there is a lot more to come from your site this year. Can you give us any hints of what’s next from you in 2010?

HHG: Can’t speak on that until I get further confirmation on a few things.

PSGB: Everyone that visits or watches your show every Sunday knows that you are very passionate when it comes to gaming. Have you always had a big passion for gaming in general?

HHG: Hell yeah! when I was 4 that’s when it all started man, I love games, all day games, I breathe games, Super Mario Bros, Spy Hunter, NBA Jam, Streets of Rage, Earthworm Jim, Comix Zone, man the list goes on and even till this day I’m still that same kid at heart when you put a game in front of me and then it’s over! lol.

PSGB: And what was the first console you owned?

HHG: The first system I owned that I can remember was Atari 2600

PSGB: We have seen fantastic titles released on both next-gen consoles but what is your biggest disappointment so far?

HHG: Biggest Disappointment was Halo: ODST this is Microsoft’s flagship billion dollar franchise and the graphics, gameplay, in that game showed no true next gen jump even after Halo 3 was released and to me the game was good but it was also very disappointing to see them rush that game out. If HALO wasn’t as big a name as it was then the game would not have been release like that, I mean damn you can’t even run in that game!

PSGB: As we are a Playstation dedicated site, it’s time for a few Playstation dedicated questions. First up, what current game are you playing on the PS3?

HHG: Right now I’m playing Bioshock 2, MLB The Show 10, Aliens Vs Predator, And God of War 3 for the second time.

PSGB: What is your high-point so far on the PS3?

HHG: Their Exclusives, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, God Of War 3, Uncharted 2, I mean damn they are pulling out all the stops with more to come, so yes their exclusive library is very impressive.

PSGB: Which game would you love to see be released on the PS3 that’s yet been announced?

HHG: Syphon Filter and yes it’s coming you can quote me on that one.

PSGB: Are you a fan of ‘motion gaming’? And if so, do you ever see the Playstation Move being as popular as the Wii has been worldwide?

HHG: It won’t be as popular as the Wii this gen but it will be bigger and better than the Wii eventually going into the next gen. Motion gaming is great when it’s done right so yeah I love it, it’s fun.

PSGB: With the Playstation 3 getting a 3D update in the future, is this something that you are looking forward to personally? Or are you happy with the way games are at this moment in time?

HHG: I’m looking forward to it just to try it out but at the end of the day I don’t need it.

PSGB: If you could only buy 1 game and that’s it, from what you have seen so far, which game would you go for?

HHG: God of War III.

Thanks again to the top man that is Gerard aka the Hiphopgamer. Click here to visit the site.

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