PlayStation Home: Out Of Beta Later This Year


Some news regarding PlayStation Home & the story is, that it’ll come out of beta in December.

The news was slipped into a presentation by developer Veemee at this year’s Game in Scotland event in Dundee held last weekend.

Veemee’s Kirk Ewing says: “Home is due to come out of its beta-testing phase in December of this year.”

Veemee is a name that may not be familiar but they are responsible for a range of content available on PS Home including the London pub, the Audi Space and the V-store selling avatar t-shirts from labels like Billabong and WornFree, as well as costumes from franchises like Batman and Monty Python.

In promoting the work that they do on PlayStation Home, Ewing was keen to stress that Home is a very good platform to work with.

Ewing says, quite emphatically: “Most people think that Home is sh*t. I’m here to say that it’s not.”

He did qualify this by quoting Sony’s figures for usage: “One in three PS3 owners use Home. There are 1.7 million repeat users each using Home for around 53 minutes on average.”

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