PlayStation Motion Controller To Have "Nunchuck"?


There has been a lot of rumors going around lately about a second controller for Sony’s Motion Controller, a “Nunchuck” in other words. This has been thrown around for a while but was a hot topic this week when a poster on GAF, ichinisan, said he had seen recent images of the controller. He went on to describe the Controller and claims that the “Nunchuck” has an analog stick,X and O buttons along with L1 and L2 shoulder buttons below the D-Pad. Also, he claims the main controller contains “one very big button on top” and the trademark facebuttons of X, O, Triangle and Square and a trigger known as “T”.

Now, although it sounds plausible and likely, its still hard to take this information seriously considering its source is a poster on GAF, no disrespect intended. But, while VG247 made a post on the news they mentioned that;

VG247 sources have also said the device has two parts, speaking under conditions of anonymity.

Not only that, but this morning Develop-Online made a post claiming a developer has “backed” the claims of a second controller, a “Nunchuck”. From Develope-Online:

Sony will be able to convert Wii developers to PS3 with Motion Controller, says our source

A games development source has told Develop that Sony’s new Motion Controller device will work in tandem with an optional extra Wii Nunchuck-style add-on.

Our source says claims that even though the controller’s final execution will be ‘reminiscent’ to the Wii, the familiar elements provide scope for those working on Nintendo’s platform to ‘upgrade’ their ideas to the HD rival PS3.

So, like they say “There is no smoke without fire” and to be fair, with these strong claims, its not exactly a surprising or unrealistic rumor as it is highly likely to be true.

This and other matters regarding the PlayStation Motion Controller will hopefully be answered this Wednesday evening at a special press conference during GDC. G4TV will be broadcasting a live stream of the event so if you want to watch it this wednesday be sure to vist G4TV’s Coverage Page.

Thanks to Develop-Online and VG247 for the news.

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