Playstation Move: Five Things You Should Know


A post about Playstation Move, detailing 5 things you should know about it.

Sony has finally unveiled it’s much anticipated Playstation Move system, a wand-like motion controller system for the Playstation 3 gaming console that will allow players a more in-depth physical gaming experience not unlike the Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft Xbox’s forth-coming Project Natal. Sony demonstrated their new Playstation Move peripheral at the 2010 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and raised a lot of questions. Here are some of the answers.

1. How accurate will the Playstation Move motion controller be?

Sony claims the Playstation Move will be far more accurate than previous motion controller systems, such as the Nintendo Wii. According to the Sony Playstation website, advanced motion sensors will precisely track both subtle and quick movements, as every motion will be registered by the Playstation Eye USB camera. In addition, the Playstation Move controllers’ built-in vibration feedback will react to player actions and create a more immersive feel. The RGB LED color changing sphere at the top of the Playstation Move controller will also react to player movements and in-game accomplishments, as well as aid the Playstation Eye in tracking controller movements in the presence of other players or moving objects with in it’s view, allowing it to differentiate between these objects and the player or players.

2. How many Games will be available for the Playstation Move?

Sony has said that several third party publishers, such as Capcom, Konami, Sega, and Ubisoft are developing Playstation Move titles. There is no word yet on exactly how many games will be available for the launch of the Playstation Move; however, Sony did have several first-party titles available for hands-on demonstrations.

TV Superstars– a realty TV show themed selection of mini-games

Sports Champions– a collection of sports oriented mini-games which include archery, Ping-Pong and Roman gladiator-style sword combat

Motion Fighter (working title) – a street brawler fighting game that is visually reminiscent of Fight Club.

The Shoot – an “On-rails” FPS with an overall movie theme in which players are pitted against various villains in different cinematic genres such as Science Fiction and Western.

Sony also announced and demonstrated a Playstation Move version of some of Playstation 3’s most popular titles, Little Big Planet and Socom 4, both of which will be Playstation Move capable with a software update from Playstation Network.

According to the Sony Playstation official website, Playstation Move will also be compatible with Playstation 3 games Grand Turismo 5, ModNation Racers, Eyepet, and racing game Split Second.

3. How many players can use the Playstation Move motion controllers at once?

According to Sony, the Playstation Move can support up to four players, or four controllers at once, as the color-changing sphere at the top of the Move controller allows the Playstation Eye to differentiate between the players and their controllers. A Playstation move sub-controller can be added to allow for easy use of regular Playstation control schemes. A player may also use two Playstation Move controllers to track the movements of both hands, allowing for a greater depth of physical action when playing games such as Sony’s above mentioned Motion Fighter or the Gladiator battle in Sports Champions. Both the Playstation Move controller and sub controller include DUALSHOCK®3 buttons.

4. What other peripherals or extras will be required to use the Playstation Move?

The Sony Playstation Move requires a Playstation Eye USB camera and, obviously, the Sony Playstation 3 home entertainment console system. The Playstation Move will work with all Playstation 3 systems from 20gb and up. The motion controllers use Bluetooth® technology for wireless gaming, and come with a built-in rechargeable lithium-Ion battery so purchasing additional batteries is unnecessary. Recharging and pairing with the Playstation 3 console will be accomplished via USB cable.

5. How much will the Playstation Move cost?

Although Sony has yet to release any concrete information on the price of the Playstation Move, they have revealed a general price for a proposed bundle package, which includes the Playstation Eye, one Playstation Move motion controller, a Playstation Move Sub-Controller, and one as of yet unannounced Playstation 3 game, all for “under $100.” Other proposed Playstation Move bundles will include just the Motion Controller, sub-controller, and a game, for those Playstation 3 owners who already have a Playstation Eye. In addition, Sony has announced that a third bundle package, which also includes a Playstation 3 home entertainment console system, is in the works.

So is the Playstation Move a Wii killer? How will it compare to XBOX 360’s Project Natal? All remains to be seen, but until then keep an eye out as Sony releases more information leading up to their planned release of Playstation Move in the fall of 2010.

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