PlayStation Move "Minority Report" Style Demonstration


We all got a good look at PlayStation Move at GDC last week and although it was a hit and miss presentation, the hits definitely outweighed the misses as it was a very impressive demonstration overall. But this week, Anton Mikhailov of SCEA, joined the guys on the Engadget Show to demonstrate the PlayStation Move and revealed a new aspect of the Motion Controller that we haven’t seen yet and, for me, this is the most impressive footage yet.

As the title suggests, the demonstration displays a new interactive aspect of Move similar to what we’ve seen in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, as you will see, it looks very impressive and just shows what is possible with Move and how it really is on a different level to the Wii’s Motion Control. This was just a small part of the demonstration, for the full demonstration you will have to wait until Engadget update their site with the new video of the recent show, so be sure to check it out soon. Anyway, enjoy:

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