Playstation Move more 'accurate' than the Wii states developer


It seems that the Playstation Move is getting more love recently and this time it’s from a studio that is currently developing a title for Sony’s up and coming motion controller the, Playstation Move. Dundee developer, Cohort studio has heaped praise on Sony’s motion control device claiming that the device is more ‘accurate’ than the current king of motion control gaming, the Nintendo Wii.

“The PlayStation Move is a great piece of hardware,” says studio CEO Lol Scragg. “It has a fantastic feel to it and it’s incredibly accurate. We’ve had no issues with it, and the hardware and the libraries have come on well.”

“Having used both controllers a lot, I’d say it was clear that the Move controller is so much more accurate [than the Wii],” said Scragg. “And it’s not just across the X and Y-axis either, the Z axis is really accurate as well.”

He added: “I understand that, if you read any of the forums, you’ll [see] people state they don’t need motion control, but that’s because they’ve likened motion control to the Wii.

“Once Sony and Microsoft start releasing their own games for their motion controllers, I think the core will come round to it.”

The studio is currently building an upcoming on-rails shooter with the working title ‘the Shoot’ but thats about it in terms of details about the title at present and of course, we will bring you more about the title when new details are announced. 2010 seems like it’s going to be a huge year for motion gaming with Sony and Microsoft trying to steal some of Nintendo’s thunder. The success of the Wii has been phenomenal since it was launched back in December, 2006 so it’s totally understandable why the likes of Sony and Microsoft want to get involved as well.

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