Playstation Move Shown To The Japanese Public For The 1st Time


The Playstation Move was shown to the press at last years Tokyo Game Show but now the public in Japan have had a chance to try out Sony’s motion control device for the Playstation 3 for the first time, at this year’s Summer World Hobby Fair just outside of Tokyo.

Various titles were shown including Eye Pet and Machi Suberi (Slider to anyone outside of Japan). Also other titles were shown at the event including ModNation Racers, Patapon 3, the Torne DVR, and My Summer Vacation Portable 2. The Playstation Move was also shown in a display cabinet with a picture of the highly anticipated gun adaptor for the Move which looks fantastic. Check it out in the pictures below. Thanks to for the article and the pictures from the event.

Thanks again to for the info.

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