PlayStation Move Summary


So the dust has settled on what has been a busy week for Sony as they got the chance to show off and finally name their upcoming Motion Controller. PlayStation Move may not have been their original choice for a title as Arc seemed to be what they really wanted but had to drop due to some trademark issues, you can even notice how the Move logo is shaped as an “A” instead of an “M”, although this will surely change closer to release, but it just shows that Sony may have been rushed into naming the hardware while GDC was approaching. As a whole package and service, Move is a great name, but as a name for the actual controller itself its a bit ….bland and doest seem as natural as Arc. I guess it will probably blend in fine as time passes, but personally i hope they actually name the actual controller something more attractive and natural before the release in Fall.


The actually look and design of the devices is very nice and very sleek, such is most PlayStation hardware, and although at first the “globe” on top looked odd, it now seems to suit the control and look very nice indeed. On to the games that were demonstrated at GDC, some looked impressive, others didn’t. First off what really impressed me was the table tennis game, as part of the Sport Champions game, i just loved how responsive and precise the bat reflected the real life movement. This is where Move can really shine, not only Table Tennis but sport games in general, and more personally desired, Tennis itself. I just cannot wait for Sony to release a top notch Tennis title, whether it be a popular franchise like Top Spin or Virtua Tennis, or a 1st part title from Sony dedicated for Move, i would love to play tennis where i am in full control in how the racket and ball responds, unlike Wii where you are basically swing your arms, i want the ability to hit top spins, slices, lobs and also control how hard i hit it. After seeing the Table Tennis demonstration i cant see why this should be a problem. This is the kind of standard PlayStation users are expecting, otherwise the whole project seems pointless.

Table Tennis wasn’t the only title which looked impressive and really showed the qualities of Move, Gladiators also looked impressive and huge fun to play, also Move Party, in particular the barber game, really demonstrated the accuracy and precision of Move. LittleBigPlanet’s demo was also impressive and showed another side to Move and how it can open up whole new ways to play games. On the other hand, their was some not-so-impressive demos, such as Motion Fighters. Although the concept is good, it was the one demo which showed some flaws and delays in Move. Such as restricted movements, for example the user could only use predetermined moves, he wasn’t in full control and could not swing his arms wherever he wanted to. Also there was some delay or moments where the fighter didn’t respond at all to certain actions. Now to SOCOM, now to be honest, there isnt much wrong at all with what i seen from the SOCOM demo, it looked good, but the question is whether people will actually bother using Move for SOCOM, it actually looks like a lot more effort using Move and there seems like no real attraction for using Move instead of the Dualshock. Maybe if they had some sort of an attachment in the shape of a gun, where you are in a gun wielding posture instead of just holding the sub-controller in one hand and Move in the other just pointing it at the screen. Still, its very early and their is tons of ways Zipper can improve the use of Move in SOCOM. As for Motion Fighters, that was just one game where there was flaws and we also have to remember all the demo’s were in pre-alpha stage of development so there is loads of room for improvement and changes.

Now alot of people are complaining that Move is way too similar to the Wii or how blatantly it is like the Wii. I’m not gonna disagree, Move is almost identical, but its the few differences that put Move on a different level. Two of those differences, and probably most importantly, are the level of precision in Move and the aspect of HD gaming with Move. Like i said with the Table Tennis game, Move will add a new dimension of precision to sport games and this was clearly evident in a very early stage of Table Tennis alone. Also the fact that all the Move games are going to be in High Definition is a huge advantage over Wii.

I know some people arent too excited or even welcoming to the idea of Move and even feel it is going to effect the quality of important PlayStation titles, but i really feel there is no merit for this. Sony have said on many occasions how they will still concentrate on producing AAA titles and Move is only an option, and due to the size of Blu-Ray discs, they have plenty of room to implement Move into major games without affecting the quality in any way. At the end of the day Move may be very similar to Wii and we will no doubt get a lot of below par games from developers looking to make a quick buck, but on the other hand we will also get loads of great games for Move and this is an ingenious business move by Sony to attract not only casual gamers and family audiences, but even Wii users, because why would you purchase a Wii when for a few dollars more you can have everything the Wii does but in HD, more precision and all the other services that come along with the PS3

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