Playstation Move Unboxing Video and Q+A


Over at the official US Playstation Blog, there has been some new activity regarding Sony’s up and coming motion controller release, the Playstation Move. First off there is an unboxing video which shows exactly what North American buyers will recieve if they buy the package when it releases later this month. The reason ive stated ‘North American’ only is because the package they recieve is slightly different to what we will recieve in Europe. For some odd reason, Sony have decided to bundle a copy of Sports Champions for the US release but not for us European gamers. Why?….who knows. You can check out the video by clicking the link below.

Playstation Move Unboxing Video

Also over at the US Playstation blog, they have answered pretty much every single question regarding the Playstation Move from various subjects like what market the Playstation Move is aimed at to how precise the motion controller is. Everything is covered in their Q+A that was posted today and to check it out, click here.

As always, click here for the forums.

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