PlayStation Network Coming To Mobiles


While browsing this morning i came across some strange news. During the Sony Ericsson Presentation at the Mobile Phone World Congress in Barcelona, Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President of the Sony Corporation, revealed to journalists that he is committed to bringing the two technologies together.

“PSN is a not so secret weapon” and that leveraging the already installed base of 40 million PSN accounts Sony are looking to expand to their other network devices such as Bravia TV’s, Viao’s and Blu-Ray players. The Sony CEO then confirmed that the PlayStation Network service would be coming to mobile phones albeit Sony Ericsson branded ones.

Personally, i dont know what to make of this news. I cant really see any noticable advantages of this new venture, especially for us gamers. Unless it allows some useful interagration, something like allowing users to log into PSN and send messages to their PSN friends via mobile phone, now that would be great. But whether this will be possible is unknown, so is pretty much any aspects of this announcement, but it is exciting stuff we will keep you posted on any updates in the coming future.

For the full article and and a lengthly video, visit The Lost Gamer.

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