PlayStation Paris Games Week Round-up


A great, yet grim, affair

Yesterday afternoon Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, took to the stage to showcase the upcoming content for PlayStation hardware. The show, whilst brief, showed a great deal of extra content for already-announced titles amongst some genuine surprises. Prior to the main event, a pre-show also announced a bunch of other ‘indie’ titles. All in all, we got a look at some awesome content coming to PlayStation 4 & PlayStation VR over the next year.

As with everything today, the show was met with some controversy. A handful of content on display was very much aimed at adults and depicted some frankly depressing clips of gameplay from suggested child abuse, to actual child abuse and the hanging of a character in the final trailer of the show. Whether the violence was too much is one for debate but when you’re dealing with the follow-up to The Last of Us you pretty much know what you’re getting into. If I was to voice my opinion, and I am, the gameplay was grim but definitely doesn’t warrant the uproar it’s receiving. #justsaying.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. Here’s a breakdown of what was announced during PlayStation’s Paris Games Week event.

Ghost of Tsushima

A previously unannounced open-world samurai game, developed by Sucker Punch, opened the show and it looked incredible! Set in ‘olden-days’ Japan, Ghost of Tsushima looks to let players explore incredibly detailed environments whilst slicing anybody that gets in your way, all of which is tethered together by an intriguing plot. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.


The Last of Us Part II

Controversy aside TLOU:Part II closed the show and I personally couldn’t be any more hyped about this game. There’s some kind of wizardry at play when it comes to Naughty Dog games and this looks to fit the bill. The trailer offered enough intrigue without revealing too much, or really anything, but one things for sure – we’re in for a rough time when playing TLOU: Part II.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

You can never see enough of Insomniac Games’ Spidey game and the latest trailer didn’t outstay its welcome. This much more cinematic trailer showed off a lot more of the gamer opposed to the more focused trailers released before it and, honestly, this game can’t release quick enough!


Blood and Truth

Blood and Truth is the VR game that Red Steel should have been. Yeah, I know the Wii wasn’t a VR console but let me have it, please? The VR showcase prior to this trailer looked a little obvious and, dare I say, lacklustre, but the balls-out over-the-top action of Blood and Truth made me genuinely wish I had a VR headset to play it on. I guess that’s the point of these trailers, isn’t it?


God of War

I’m still not sure why it’s not called God of Four but hey ho. The short trailer gave us a further glimpse at the combat in God of War which still looks as great as the day it was first revealed.



Erica is a new interactive film that makes use of the new PlayLink technology letting you control the journey of the story by making choices on your mobile device. Tonally the film looks incredibly dark but I’m eager to see who this plays out.



Okay. I got a bit too excited when this trailer was shown as I thought it was a new Motorstorm but alas it wasn’t. Then, when writing this post, I realised that it is in fact created by the developers behind both Driveclub and Motorstorm!! I’m sold.


Destiny 2

I know right, Destiny 2 is already out. Well, up until now the first expansion has been kept quiet, except for the name and content… Curse of Osiris was finally shown off and the two-minute trailer gave insight into the location, story and characters that you’ll be seeing in the expansion. An official release date was also announced – December 5th.


Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII is just around the corner and it looks like early Season Pass adopters will be treated to a bonus map – Carentan. Carentan was part of the map list in the original Call of Duty and certainly a fan favourite, assuming any modern COD fans are old enough to remember it.


Detroit: Become Human

Another multi-path trailer for Detroit: Become Human was shown, further emphasising the countless ways the game’s story can play out based on your choices.


Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie was one of the more experimental games showcased during the event. The game lets you spray interactive graffiti on buildings which aides your exploration of the city and helps solve puzzle elements within the game and it does it with incredible beauty and flair, even with the undertone of sadness from the story elements.


Monster Hunter: World

There’s not long to go till you get your hands on Monster Hunter: World and it looks like there’s a crossover ahoy, or should I say “aloy”. Aloy, from Horizon fame, will be a playable character in Monster Hunter: World, well at least her armour, bow and Felyne Palico armour will!


Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is officially a co-op game! It was hinted before but now it’s official. All missions will be playable with a friend when the game releases in February, letting you pal up and wreak havoc on the right-wing inhabitants of Hope County.


Shadow of the Colossus

Another look at the remastered version of Shadow of the Colossus further cemented just how much I need this game. The 5-minute trailer showed off just how stunning the, built from the ground up, remaster looks.


Indie Round-up

It wasn’t only about the big-hitters, though, quite the contrary. A nice selection of indie titles were also showcased during the pre-show, each with their own unique style and gameplay, which detract nicely from the heavy titles above.

Spelunky 2


Guacamelee 2




The Gardens Between


The Hong Kong Massacre


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