PlayStation Plus August 2017 Lineup


A Just Cause for celebration

Sony have announced the PlayStation Plus August 2017 lineup and it too is a winner.

First up on PS4 is Just Cause 3! Just Cause 3 had a rocky start, plagued by technical issues, but fortunately, these were patched out revealing an incredibly fun game. I managed to get some hands on with it at EGX a couple of years back and can vouch for its fun factor. For those unaware Just Cause 3 is an open-world third-person shooter packed with chaotic gameplay. I mean, you can tether a guy to a gas canister, ignite it and watch the little sucker fly. Not many games let you do that.

Also joining Just Cause 3 on PS4 is Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, a game up until a few hours ago was completely unknown to me. Turns out Freedom Cry is standalone DLC for Black Flag that takes place 15 years after the main story. Black Flag is often crowned as the pinnacle of Assassin’s Creed games so a standalone expansion based on this can’t be a bad thing, can it? This should also scratch that Assassin’s itch leading up the release of Origins at the tail end of this year.

Snakeball and Super Motherload are also being thrown into the mix and playable on PS3.

Snakeball is a 3D remake of the classic Snake game, that released on Nokia phones back in the day, albeit with a bit of a twist. In Snakeball you collect coloured sections and need to take them to the goal to score points. It’s also got local multiplayer too!

Super Motherload also features couch co-op with up to four players. The procedurally generated mining game contains 150 puzzle challenges which vary each time you play. Mining blocks also nets you special pickups-ups and upgrades for your mining machine.

The PS Vita is also getting games, yes there are still games available for it.

Downwell and Level 22 will be free to download throughout August on the PS Vita. Level 22 follows the misadventures of Gary, the office worker who has turned up late many a time due to a heavy night of drinking. He’s late for work again and needs to make it to his desk without being spotted at the risk of being fired. Level 22 is an over the top stealth game with genuinely comedic dialogue and it looks perfectly suited for the PS Vita

Downwell, also available on PS4 via cross play, is an incredibly stylised platformer that debuted on PC and Mobile in 2015. Upon its release loads of people were recommending it on the Twitter but it fell on deaf ears because here we are and I’ve still not played it. But hey, it’s free now! In Downwell you have to fall down a well. Oh, I see what you did there Devolver Digital! You have to navigate down a well strewn with enemies and obstacles to dodge along the way. You’re equipped with a weapon that can shoot downward but it has severely limited ammo so most of the action is trying to land on enemies to kill them whilst dodging spikes. It looks nuts. It looks difficult. I’m gonna be all over this when it’s out.

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