PlayStation Vita Buyers' Guide – Accessories


Memory cards, cases, travel packs and more!

If you’re interested in PlayStation Vita accessories and want to know about the best accessories at the cheapest possible prices, then you have come to the right place. Part three of the NGB PlayStation Vita Buyers’ Guide is all to do with accessories for Sony’s latest handheld. Cases, travel packs and memory cards, we’ve got all the bases covered.

Bundle Accessory Packs

Officially Licensed PlayStation Vita Starter Kit  –

Officially Licensed PlayStation Vita Travel Kit –

Snakebyte Travel Pack –

Snakebyte Starter Pack –

Hori Elite Pack –

Subsonic PlayStation Vita iStart Kit –


Officially Licensed 4Gamers PlayStation Vita Travel Case

Officially Licensed 4Gamers PlayStation Vita Clean ‘N’ Protect Pouch

Officially Licensed 4Gamers PlayStation Vita Clean ‘N’ Protect Kit

Officially Licensed 4Gamers PlayStation Vita Deluxe Travel Case

Memory Cards

PlayStation Vita Official Memory Cards

4GB – (Play/£14.99) (Game/£14.99) (Amazon/£14.99) (Gameseek/£14.99) (Shopto/£16.85) (Simplygames/£17.85) (Toysrus/£17.99)

8GB – (Asda/£27.00) (Gameseek/£27.99) (Play/£27.99) (Amazon/£27.99) (Simplygames/£29.85) (Shopto/£29.86) (Toysrus/£29.99) (Game/£29.99)

16GB – (Asda/£38.00) (Shopto/£39.85) (Simplygames/£39.85) (Amazon/£39.99) (Play/£39.99) (Game/£39.99) (Gameseek/£39.99)

Screen Protectors

Subsonic Screen Protectors – (Zavvi/£4.95) (Amazon/£4.99) (Play/£4.99)

Hori Protective Screen Filter – (Zavvi/£5.95) (Amazon/£6.99) (Gameseek/£6.99)

Snakebyte Shield Screen Protector – (Zavvi/£4.95) (Gameseek/£4.99) (Amazon/£6.99)

Miscellaneous Accessories

Subsonic PlayStation Vita 2-In-1 Car Charger – (Zavvi/£7.95) (Play/£8.99) (Amazon/£9.99)

Subsonic PlayStation Vita 2-In-1 Home Charger – (Zavvi/£9.95) (Play/£9.99) (Amazon/£9.99)

Hori 12 Card Case – (Zavvi/£5.95) (Amazon/£6.99) (Gameseek/£6.99)

Logic3 AC charger – (Amazon/£8.98)

Snakebyte Global Universal AC Adaptor – (Zavvi/£12.95) (Amazon/£14.99) (Gameseek/£16.97)

Snakebyte Auto Car AC Adaptor – (Zavvi/£6.95) (Amazon/£9.99) (Gameseek/£9.99)

ORB Accessory Pack – (Zavvi/£7.95) (Amazon/£12.99)

ORB Universal 2-In-1 USB + AC Charger – (Zavvi/£8.95) (Amazon/£12.99)

PlayStation Vita Official In-ear Headset – (Gamestop/£15.97)

PlayStation Vita Official USB Cable – (Gamestop/£7.97)

PlayStation Vita Official Portable Charger – (Gamestop/£42.97)

PlayStation Vita Official AC Adaptor – (Gamestop/£7.97)

We hope you made use of our PlayStation Vita Buyers’ Guide, and you pre-ordered the bundle, games and accessories you wanted for a decent price. In the run up to the launch of the handheld, we’ll have much more coverage hitting the site, make sure you don’t miss it.

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