PlayStation Vita Coming This October?


An advertisement from Blockbuster UK has thrown up an indication that here in the UK, we might see the eagerly awaited PlayStation Vita being released on October 28th.

The flyer also confirms that the PS Vita Wi-Fi only model will retail at £229.99, whereas the 3G and Wi-Fi version will be £279.99. The folks over at IGN contacted Sony for a response, to which they replied using the words “phased global release”.

Until Sony confirm or deny the flyer information on the flyer, speculation and rumour is sure to continue over the coming weeks and months. However, if this information does indeed turn out to be true, what a great run up to Christmas us gamers will have! Lets all keep everything crossed that this “leaked” release date from Blockbuster UK is indeed correct.

What are you thoughts on the PS Vita? Interested in getting on? Not bothered about it at all? Let us know your views below via the comments section below.

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