PlayStation Vita Hands-On Available Now At GAME And Gamestation


Sony has today confirmed that all 600 of branches of GAME and Gamestation stores nationwide are offering customers the chance to sample the PlayStation Vita.

The PlayStation Vita will be in all branches of GAME and Gamestation across the country and the staff of all stores will be able to let consumers interested in the PlayStation Vita have hands-on with the next ten handheld system. In addition to this, Sony also confirmed that within the coming weeks the top 150 stores in the country will also have an Interactive Display Unit (IDU) in store as well. For those that are interested in the PlayStation Vita but can’t make it to one of the PlayStation Vita Rooms, this is a prefect opportunity to have hands-on with the handheld console. The full press release from Sony is below.

London, Friday 27th January: Sony Computer Entertainment UK (SCE UK) has today announced the availability of PS Vita for consumers to sample within all 600 of branches of GAME and gamestation stores nationwide. This will be topped up in the top 150 stores with the addition of a dedicated Interactive Display Unit (IDU) set to arrive in the coming weeks. In the meantime, every store manager in every GAME/gamestation outlet has been sent a PS Vita unit to enable them and their staff to demonstrate first hand just what makes the new PlayStation handheld so special.

This activity coincides with the current PlayStation Vita Rooms in Glasgow which is currently open until January 29th. The first PlayStation Vita Rooms in Manchester closed shop on February 18th having offered several thousand consumers, trade and media the opportunity to get hands on with PS Vita and its unprecedented software launch line up.

The next Vita Rooms will be opening to consumers in London on February 17th and will remain open through launch on 22nd February.

The GAME and gamestation sampling in conjunction with the PS Vita Rooms offer the perfect opportunity for consumers to actually get hands on experience of what PlayStation Vita has to offer including demo’s of such titles as WipEout 2048, Uncharted Golden Abyss, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, Reality Fighters, Little Deviants and Everybody’s Golf.

“PlayStation Vita is an amazing piece of technology – but the very best way to make people realise this, is by putting it in their hands. The beauty and clarity of the 5 inch OLED screen, the ergonomic design with the dual analogue joysticks, the interaction of the rear touch panel, all come emphatically to life.” said Fergal Gara, Vice President and Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, speaking shortly after Manchester Vita Rooms closed its doors. “With our own Vita Rooms and now, with this opportunity for consumers to sample PS Vita in any of GAME or gamestation’s 600 specialist retail stores, the excitement can only continue to build.”

The PlayStation Vita is released in North America and in Europe on February 22nd.

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