PlayStation Vita Has More RAM Than The PS3


Sony has today revealed some specs for their upcoming handheld, the PlayStation Vita, and surprisingly it has more RAM than the PlayStation 3.

Vita will have 512MB of RAM and 128MB of video RAM. The PlayStation 3 has 256MB of RAM  and 256MB video RAM. It has to be noted that whilst the video RAM is lower to that of the PS3, the Vita has a much lower resolution so does not have to output at the 1080p like the PlayStation 3.

It almost seems like the PlayStation Vita will be a mini PlayStation 3! The handheld even has cross-game voice chat which has yet to be introduced to the PlayStation 3 some 5 years after its release.

PlayStation Vita also comes with a ARM Cortex A9 4-Core CPU, a 960×544 OLED touch screen, the rear multi-touch pad, front and rear cameras, six-axis motion sensing, GPS, 3G and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

Impressive specs for a portable gaming device. What do you think? Let us know via the comments section below.

Source: MCV

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