Podcast 007 – Rising


It’s Monday and with Christmas Day not far away, we’re delighted to bring you NGB podcast number seven. Think of it as an early present from us to all you lovely folks!

With Aryel bed ridden due to a severe case of man-flu, Asim (once again) calls upon the vocal talents of Adrian and Aaron to join him on the podcast. The standard podcast foursome is completed by WENB’s finest, Mr Alan Curdie, who will also be contributing to NGB very soon.

The guys talk about what they have been playing, which includes some chat about the RAAM’s Shadow DLC for Gears of War 3. Asim then puts his news reader hat on, and the following stories/topics are discussed:

The Twitter Asks section makes its usual appearance, but as a prelude to our Game of the Year feature and podcast, the guys also discuss some titles you have enjoyed playing this year. Thanks to @Snypa27, @the_grizzly_man, @Hudson9000, @AshBrown25 and @Chaos_PES for tweeting us their suggestions/questions.

If you’d like to ask us a question and have it featured in the podcast, tweet your gaming related query to @Official_NGB and/or @AsimTanvir with the hashtag #askNGB. Remember, you can ask us anything. Serious, funny or just plain silly, we welcome all questions.

We hope you enjoy the podcast (it’s a bumper one), feel free to leave any comments below. You can download the podcast here, and subscribe via iTunes here.

Joint Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful place. Over 10 years of games industry experience on all sides of the fence and more! Huge Metal Gear fan and all-round geek.


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