Podcast 011 – Peanut M&M's


The weekend is over, another Monday is upon us, but there’s no need to fear, as NGB podcast number 11 is here.

This week, Asim, Aryel and Aaron are joined by another team member making his first appearance on the podcast, the wonderful Gari Clark. As usual, the guys talk about what they have been playing, which leads to Aryel revealing his hidden love for wood. Don’t worry, it’s not what you might think. Following that, the awesome foursome discuss the latest gaming news that hit the site, which includes:

New Resident Evil 6 details revealed

GTA III and Vice City coming to PlayStation 3

Microsoft Points to be killed off soon?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Kinect support

God of War IV and Syphon Filter 4 rumours

New Darksiders II trailers focusing on Death

Wii U to launch in all regions by end of 2012

Battlefield 3, and other PlayStation 3 titles running on PlayStation Vita

The Twitter Asks section is present as always, and the questions posed to the guys have a more “serious” tone than usual. However, that is put to one side when the answer to last week’s PlayStation Vita and peanut M&M’s question is revealed (image included below as proof). Thanks to @ChimeraLeague3, @zulucosta and @the_grizzly_man and @Graham_Day for their fantastic questions.

If you’d like to ask us a question and have it featured in the podcast, tweet your gaming related query to @Official_NGB and/or @AsimTanvir with the hashtag #askNGB. Remember, you can ask us anything. Serious, funny or just plain silly, we welcome all questions.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, feel free to leave any comments below. You can download the podcast here, and subscribe via iTunes here.

Joint Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful place. Over 10 years of games industry experience on all sides of the fence and more! Huge Metal Gear fan and all-round geek.


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