Podcast 022 – The FSB Edition


The weekend is over (sorry for the reminder), but no need to be down, as we’re back with NGB podcast number 22.

As you can tell by the title of the podcast, Asim is joined on episode 22 not only by Aaron, but Dave and Tom from FIFA Soccer Blog (FSB) are also present. The chaps kick the podcast off by chatting about what they’ve been playing, which leads to Dave telling us why he is never going to play Skyrim again. It’s a rant you’ll definitely want to listen to! After that, the guys move on and discuss the big gaming news from the past week, which includes the following:

The Twitter Asks section brings with it some awesome questions, with one particular query prompting the guys to discuss if us gamers have never had it better. Thanks to @adamneaves, @snypa27, @GeorgeAvery1 and @Kratos0071 for their fantastic questions.

If you’d like to ask us a question and have it featured in the podcast, tweet your gaming related query to @Official_NGB and/or @AsimTanvir with the hashtag #askNGB. Remember, you can ask us anything. Serious, funny or just plain silly, we welcome all questions.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, feel free to leave any comments below. You can download the podcast here, and subscribe via iTunes here (please rate us).

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