Podcast 041 – Poo


OMG! We’re back! More specifically, the NGB podcast is back with episode 041!

We’ve been busy bees hence the mini hiatus, but rest assured (unless somethng dramatic happens) we are back for good. Couple of changes though, Asim (that’s me) is back as host (don’t all cheer at once) and the podcast itself will be going live every Friday morning to give you something to listen to as you travel home for a lovely gaming weekend.

Let’s get stuck in shall we? Asim is joined by Gari, Adrian and Ben to talk about what they’ve been playing and discuss the week’s most interesting news stories. The chaps also dive in and talk about the imminent arrivals of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with some strong feelings all around, especially when it comes to “resolutiongate”.  You’ll find links to the news stories discussed below and the next-gen chat features pretty much everything, just as you’d expect. Oh and if you’re wondering about the title of the podcast, just make sure you listen right until the end!

News topics

Discussion topic

We hope you enjoy the podcast, feel free to leave any comments below. Sorry about some minor audio issues, we promise they’ll be resolved for the next podcast. If not, we’ll cry. You can download the podcast here, subscribe via iTunes here or (if that doesn’t work) listen on your mobile device via RSSradio here (we recommend the latter).

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