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Podcast 087 – A Messiah Or Saint?


It was time that we brought some new blood to the WENB Podcast to freshen things up a little. The “PES Messiah” and I discuss current versions of PES worldwide and many of the releases that are coming out in other regions of the world. Furthermore we debate whether Konami should play catch-up or innovate in a different direction. This week’s special guest star is none other than Mr. Robbye Ron, PES Patcher extraordinaire or “The PES Saint” as I like to call him. The man is a legend in Latin America (actually the Americas as a whole). We talk about everything from PES to helping to make the world a better place through the simple thing that we all have in common, the love of the game. PES Unites!

Below are some of the links that Robbye would like us PES fans out there to support, many of which we discuss in the podcast. Make a change.

Robbye’s Blog

Robbye’s Help The Kids Project

Robbye’s YouTube Page

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