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Podcast 095 – Keeping Friends Close


It’s been an eventful week in the life of a PES fan.

The buzz has definitely been emanating from the PES tour, and all things over in Tokyo. As it should, not every day or week that a bunch of guys get to travel over to the WEP Team’s offices and spend a full week with this years upcoming version. And while we all have been hanging on every word coming from Johnny Minkley and Jon Murphy, the star of the show has no doubt been our good friend Penpas.

With Suff away in the US, I get Alan on the podcast to talk about the trip, plus much more besides. Aside from the Tokyo caveat, we’ve had some laughable attempts at creating fake pics, and a 3rd birthday to celebrate. Then there’s the look forward to June 1st, when PES 2011 will be unveiled to the world, properly.

That’s the day when we’ll all realise why this year Konami are keeping their ‘enemies’ closer.


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