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Podcast 113 – Clash Of The Titans


A massive podcast, where we give first impressions of PES 2012!

It’s that time of year again. We’ve finally played PES, and can talk about it! This would usually have been called the blockbuster (regulars know this!), but in a dramatic shift during the podcast, we discuss BOTH PES 2012 and FIFA 12!

Many know me and Suff have played both games by now, and it’s the first time we have been able to judge them against each other, with great difficulty. PES 2012’s considerable improvement in gameplay and AI has Suff rambling for ages, difficult for me to get a look in!

But I’ll let you find out what we think about how the football gaming scene is shaping up in the podcast.

Sit back, it’s a long one!….(behave…)


Download here.


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