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Podcast 125 – Pre-E3 Madness


A great end to a fairly awesome day!

Its been very interesting today. It’s not every day press impressions are more positive than ours. We’re used to them being very mainstream, and focusing on the wider audience, failing to pick up on just why people play PES. It’s welcome, even if the comparisons with the competitor aren’t something we’re keen on.

As usual Alan joins me on this weeks podcast, where we round up thoughts on everything that was released today, and divulge a little more in PES 2013 impressions. We go into all the elements that have wowed most of those who attended the playtest in Brazil, as well touch on what to expect from E3.

It’s been a busy day, no better way then to finally relax with a cup of tea and PES chatter!


Download here.

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