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Podcast 128 – A Look Ahead


A one off, not to be repeated until next year.

A unique podcast from WENB. Never before have we spoken so in-depth about the future versions of PES before, especially this early into pre-release of a yet unreleased title. Sure, in the past we’ve hyped up big changes, especially with PES 2011. While it didn’t turn out to be what we all wanted a nextgen PES to be, it certainly was the first title that broke away from the previous template.

The subject just simply has to be tackled, especially with the PES team very open about discussing plans for next year. It’s not something we agree with, but with so much information in the public domain, we dissect everything to bring you closer to the truth – especially with many questions arising.

So tune in for an exclusive look into the future of PES, and something for you guys to savour, as while the dev team are more than happy to discuss the impending future, we’d like to focus on PES 2013 as soon as this podcast is over.


Download here.

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