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Podcast 140 – The One With Jim Beglin


Welcome to WENB podcast 140! It’s quiet in terms of PES 2016, but we have a bumper podcast for you with two special guests. Yes, that’s right. TWO special guests!

Obviously I return to host as always with Bryan by my virtual side, but this time we’re joined by Glen from PES World. We talk with the kit making superstar about his history with PES, how he got into editing, what he’s working on this year and much more. We have a lot of love for Glen and his team here at WENB, so we’re glad we could help him get his voice out there and get the work he does more exposure. Not sure about that clicking sound on his end though, it’s like he was pushing the numbers on the computer from LOST or something! Sorry, not out fault. 😉

And then we have what can only be described as a mega guest, the man behind part of the commentary in the game from PES 2011 onwards… MR JIM BEGLIN. I can’t describe how much of an honour it was to speak to Jim and get some great insight behind what goes into the commentary in PES. Seriously, you have to listen to what he has to say. The man, Jim Beglin, he is a complete and utter legend. Such a nice guy too. If you’re listening on the media player on the website, go to -40:08 to start listening if you’re just interested in that part. JIM BEGLIN! 🙂



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