Pokemon Black and White 2 Announced


Pokemon Black and White 2 has today been confirmed by the games director, Junichi Masuda.

Fans of the Pokemon series knew that an announcement regarding the popular series was immanent after Masuda recently announced that he would indeed be unveiling something Pokemon related this weekend but many fans expected the announcement to be with regard to a different colour in the series (i.e Pokemon Grey) and a Nintendo 3DS release in the series but this wasn’t the case unfortunately. This is the first time in the series history that a sequel to an already released colour has been confirmed for release rather than a new colour to the series.

The game is released in Japan in June on the original Nintendo DS and not the newer 3DS model (although 3DS owners can still play the game on the 3DS). No other details regarding content or European/North American release date have been announced at present.

Click here for the official website. Two new characters that are to star in the Pokemon Black and White sequels feature on the website and Masuda has said that he will reveal who they are exactly, next week.

Source: Andriasang.

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