PopCap Bought For $1 Billion


Some of you may or may not of known that PopCap games, responsible for frustratingly addictive titles such as Peggle, Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies, were in the process of being acquired for a sum of $1 Billion. Today it has been revealed that the company trying to snatch them up is none other than Electronic Arts.

This is a huge investment for EA, equalling to 13% of their market capital. Early speculation suggests that EA are determined to break into social and mobile gaming, and with their recent announcement of The Sims Social at E3, we think it’s pretty clear that they mean business. And why blame them? There are literally billions to be made through social sites such as Facebook. Zynga, who 90% of people would never of heard of 2 years ago, are allegedly worth $4 billion more than Electronic Arts thanks to their hit games such as Farmville and Zynga Poker. Their latest game, City Ville, currently has 89,395,759 ACTIVE monthly users, nearly 30 million more than the population of the United Kingdom! And we don’t think the popularity of mobile games and apps needs to be put in the spotlight, everyone knows how huge they are.

Personally, I can see many big developers following suite in an attempt to grab their share of  social and mobile market before all the big fish gobble it up.

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