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Predicting Football Championship Winners in 2016



The rise of sport betting during the last ten years or so has been pretty remarkable and has even brought about change within the various sports. Coupled with the huge amount of television coverage of sports such as football – and the fact that sport betting companies are now frequently the sponsors of sports teams and events – rules and ways of acting have been altered by this shift. Furthermore, the sport betting explosion has also changed the way typical football fans think about the game.

It is the Premier League that leads the field when it comes to the sums of money floating around, including vast revenues from television companies for the rights to screen games and from sponsors – as well as the cash it generates for industries like the gaming one through football betting. At present, more than 200 countries screen live Premier League games, via 80 different television stations and this, coupled with the betting increase, easily makes it the financial front runner.

Even the numbers of apps connected with football and betting on it are growing at a staggering rate, in terms of the numbers available, the amounts being invested in them and the numbers of people opting to use them. Nowadays it can even be argued pretty convincingly that the volume and popularity of these apps has reached the same level as that of the ones offered by online and mobile casino sites, which used to be miles ahead of any competition, both in user numbers and money invested. A big part of the appeal is the unpredictable nature of leagues like the Premier League, ensuring that ordinary fans have an excellent chance of outwitting the expert pundits when it comes to predicting who will win the championship.

Of course, online casino companies have not risen to the heights they are currently at by failing to respond to change and they have adapted to the rise in people aiming to predict and bet on football championship winners by adding this sort of sport betting to their selection. This allows them to tap into a new customer base and has been complemented by the addition of casino games such as Jackpot City on sites like casinoonline.co.nz  – notably roulette and slot machines – that have a football theme.

Sport betting is fast becoming a regular part of the match day routines of football fans around the world, as its rising popularity shows, and casinos are making the most of its potential by incorporating it into what they have to offer their customers.

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