Premium PSN To Be Announced During E3 2010?


For a very long time, the rumour mill regarding a premium service for the Playstation Network has been in full swing for some time and everyone it seems has had their opinion on what they would like to see happen if this did end up being a reality. Well according to the guys over at, it seems that the premium service for the PSN will be announced during this years E3 in June according to a highly-placed source.

The article by the guys at can be found below-

VG247 has learnt that Sony is to reveal plans for PSN’s premium services at E3.

According to a highly-placed source, Sony will announce a large-scale monetizing scheme for PSN at the LA show, but we’re assured nothing planned will impact the service’s current free aspects.

A string of features will be revealed, apparently costing “less than £50 per year”.

Sony will confirm plans to give all subscribers one free PSN game per month, from a choice of “two to four” every month.

“If you work it out, PSN games cost an average of £6-9 each, so over a year you’re basically going to be breaking even,” said our source.

A streaming music application similar to Spotify will be announced in Sony’s press conference on June 15. It’s thought that this can run in the background while playing games.

Rumours that cross-game voice chat is being saved as a paid feature are apparently not true, we were told.

“I can tell you now, 100 percent, that that’s not the case,” our man continued.

“There’s nothing in the premium package which will gimp regular PSN users.”

The PSN premium services announcement is thought to be a major part of Sony’s E3 conference, which will also heavily feature Move.

Interesting stuff. I had a feeling that something would be announced very soon about this and no place is better than E3 to let everyone know about your plans for this service (if they are true of course!) It does seem pretty likely that this will happen at some point in the near future and if it improves the Playstation Network in any way, im all for it.

More on this as we have it.

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