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Press and Community to Play New PES 2014 Code!


You may remember us announcing that we were due to to play PES 2014 at the Community Day this week. If you don’t, click here for a reminder!

Refreshed now? Cool, because PES Community Manager Mr Adam Bhatti has confirmed that the code we’ll be playing later this week will be an updated version compared to the one that was shown off at E3! Adam confirmed the news via his Twitter account stating the following:

Remember, if you have any questions,  send us a tweet (@WENBlog) or write to us on Facebook (facebook.com/WENBlog) and we will pick ask the best ones when we sit down with Konami.

Also don’t forget to follow our boys @AsimTanvir, @Suffwan and @NicholasDiMaria for our impressions on the day!

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