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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 – Worth the Wait


For the last 9 months everyone has wanted news on the latest iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer. And now more than ever, the news that has been unveiled to us shows that the Evolution part of PES has finally come to pass.

I am one of the unlucky ones, not being at E3 this year means that I have not had the chance to put my hands on what some are calling the best football game on this current generation of consoles. However, the hype around PES 2014 has rammed up to another level after their E3 trailer was revealed. This, as well as some stunning screenshots, puts to bed the unrest and skepticism that the teaser trailer, original screenshots and lack of next-gen, had caused for some.

From what we have seen graphically the FOX Engine lives up to the power it has been touted to have. We have never seen anything like it on current gen, and who knows how much more potential it has for next gen. Faces look fantastic, with skin textures bordering on perfection. The stadiums are a stand out point, Konami have released many images of the Allianz Arena with the intention of showing off their beautiful re-creation and we can safely say, if all stadiums are like this, we are in for a stunning visual experience in PES 2014.

Our men in LA, Gari and Asim, have had the chance to gets hands-on with the game and their reviews have been immensely positive. Goalkeepers have been rebuilt from the ground up with seemingly more urgency, completely new player animations, double the amount of players with Player ID, shooting has been refined and much more. We have seen a fair amount of gamers at E3 shout out that while it is completely different to 2013, it still feels and captures the PES essence.

Licenses have also had a bit of love at E3 with Brazilian Konami Director, Anibal Vera, giving away that the Argentine and Chile leagues are coming to Pro Evo. Massive news for South American fans and in my opinion for all PES fans, remember, any new licenses are good licenses!

Massive news to come recently also included the return of the greatly missed League Mode! Confirmed by Kei Masuda, it was removed from 2013. The fans spoke however & Konami have listened. League Mode is back in 2014 and this is bound to please many who were disheartened by its absence in 2013.

Other than League Mode making its return, we still await news on Master League and Edit Mode improvements, as well as any news about Online. However for the moment, Konami have succeeded in wetting our appetite, ready for the main course.

Is PES 2014 worth the wait? Hell yes and we are ready to bet there is only more great news to come in the following months before it hits our consoles!

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