Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask European Release Date Announced


Nintendo have announced that Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Europe on October 26th.

It will be be available via retail stores as a packaged title and will also be available to purchase as a download through the Nintendo eShop. It comes featuring 150 new brainteasers and new minigames which are courtesy of Professor’s Trunk. It also has 365 additional daily puzzles via the Nintendo Network straight from the game’s launch.

Players will pick up from the other games with Layton, Luke and Emmy and the game occurs some time after the events of Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call.  They are tasking with stopping the mysterious Masked Gentleman from terrorising the city of Monte d’Or with magically dark miracles, such as turning citizens to stone. Mask of Chaos is the one who is thought to be held responsible and takes Layton back to dark episode of his past. These flashbacks introduce the Professor’s parents and friend from his childhood, Randall.  It uses 3D animations and character models to bring depth to the visuals. The game also features a brand new game mode that sees the young Professor Layton explore ancient ruins and requires you to help him reach the exits of a series of puzzling chambers while avoiding a variety of obstacles and mummy enemies.

One of the minigames include the Toy Robot challenge which lets players control a wind-up toy robot that always moves three steps at a time. Navigating a series of contraptions along the way is the key to guiding it safely. The second addition is One-Stop Shop where your skills of stocking shelves in an appealing way are put to the test and players will only succeed if they manage to entice customers to buy everything off the shelves in one go. Finally, in Rabbit Show, players will help Luke train a circus rabbit that has been deemed unfit to perform by its angry ringmaster.  Players will chat with and train the rabbit to teach it new tricks and perform in plays that will persuade its master to accept it back into the circus.

Let us know you will be getting the Professor’s latest adventure on your 3DS via the comment section below.

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