Project CARS GOTY Edition Review


Marking the one year anniversary of its initial release, Slightly Mad Studios have brought us a Game of the Year Edition of their Kickstarter funded racing sim. As with all releases of this type, it attempts to hone the excellent work done on the original and bundles in plenty of extra content to make it the definitive version for any players yet to hop into the driver’s seat.

Game: Project CARS GOTY Edition
Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Reviewed on: (Review copy provided)


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So what’s new? Like the core game, a few major racing brands are still absent but that hasn’t stopped the developers adding a whole bunch of new content in the way of cars, tracks, community skins and routes – that’s 125 cars and 35 different racing locations to ply your trade. More importantly perhaps is the technical fixes the title has undergone since its first release. The tightening of overall gameplay definitely brings a more consistent feel to the race days and portrays more closely the title that Slightly Mad Studios had in mind when they originally conceived it. There’s still plenty of room for improvement in that area, for sure, but there’s no doubt this is the best it’s been; I certainly had none of the race-breaking glitches that earlier versions suffered from.

The crux of the game still prides itself on appeasing the hardcore crowd looking for that driving experience that includes the most complex micro-managing of engines and tuning. There truly is a plethora of options to wade through and depending on the kind of racer you prefer, you’ll see it as a blessing or a curse. However, Project CARS’ progression is its learning curve and in that respect it can be an absolute joy to play at times – finally crossing the finish line after tweaking and testing brings a different kind of satisfaction that you won’t find in a more accessible racing sim. Similarly, all the cars are available from the get-go, so for those who’ve yet to experience the game at all, don’t expect the typical car accumulation and upgrading grind of most titles because it’s essentially all about you becoming a better driver and understanding your vehicle that spurs the game forward.


In all, Project CARS’ Game of the Year Edition more or less confirms the game’s standing as a genuinely high quality racer for those that like to get under the bonnet. With some great visuals, especially the weather environments, I can’t think of another game of similar ilk that draws off the passion of its player-base and combines it into what is a clearly a labour of love for the dev team at Slightly Mad Studios. For those that have thought about getting into it, with a lot of the previous grievances and bugs ironed out and a complete package of content bundled in, there hasn’t been a better time to get in on the action – just know what you’re getting yourself into and you’ll get a great kick out of this racing sim.



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