Project Reality: Arma 2 Released


The highly anticipated Arma 2 PC mod created by the fan driven Project Reality team was finally released yesterday evening. PR are responsible for the successful Battlefield 2 realism mod, cunningly named Project Reality: BF2.

PR:Arma 2 tweaks all aspects of Bohemia Interactive’s tactical shooter, adding a much deeper level of realism. Weapons and vehicles now closely mirror their real life counterparts, as well as new ones being added. The UI has undergone a facelift, and new game modes add countless hours to the game’s online experience.


PR:Arma 2 mod will require Arma 2: Combined Operations (it won’t work on the Arma 2 free version). The version that has been made available is v0.1 Beta, and is far from the polished product but still a blast to play. At a meager 20mb, it would be rude not to give it a go.

Head over to Project Reality’s website to grab the download. Project Reality is a community/fan driven team, and require as much help as possible in regards to bugs/glitches, so give them a hand.

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